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So now you have the perfect family picture.  You LOVE it.  You share it on facebook and instagram.  You show it to all of your friends.  You send it in an email to your cousin in Texas.  But now what?  Too many times, that's the end of the story.  It sits there on your hard drive or your phone...and waits to die.  Yes, DATA (including your precious images) CAN DIE.  It's called data degradation or DATA ROT and it's REAL.  So what can you do to protect your images you ask?  There are two key ways to protect (and thus enjoy) your images:

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Perhaps it's a little TOO obvious...but you'd be surprised how many people NEVER print images.  Acquiring beautiful prints of your images is neither inconvenient nor expensive.  There are many local merchants (including myself)  who can provide beautiful sharp prints or canvases at varying price points.   I highly recommend going with a professional print company or business that specializes in the product you are interested in.  If you need  your house painted, you don't call a plumber who owns a paint brush.  You hire someone with lots of experience, an eye for detail and all the right equipment.  You hire someone who takes pride in their work and guarantees results.  Same principle applies.  Let the experts handle your portraits.       



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Your images from Sherry Sloan Photography are available to you as a download from my website, but then you should always back them up in a second AND/OR third location.  You should immediately transfer a copy to a USB, external hard drive AND/OR cloud storage.  Yes, clouds can crash and data rot can occur on a USB OR external hard drive, but the point is that in all probability, you would not lose all copies simultaneously.  Best case scenario is to have both USB/Hard Drive AND cloud storage in case of physical damage to the home like fire or flooding.  But even without a catastrophic event, over time, data rot can erode the information within the drive.    The cloud storage would be the safety net.  If the cloud crashes or you lose access for whatever reason, your USB/Hard Drive would then be your safety net.  Just make sure you have some kind a back up in place for your treasured images.  "Better safe than sorry."

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I would be remiss as a photographer/business owner if, on my own blog, I didn't encourage you to order your prints through me.  I offer all sizes on various gorgeous paper options including metallic, fine art, and deep matte as well as the more common lustre and glossy.  I can have your images saved to beautiful personalized USB drives or printed in luxurious heirloom albums.   There are tons of options and I love to order print products for my clients because I love to see the images come to life!  

But the prints you see pictured in today's blog post were NOT ordered from me and I'm not the least bit hesitant to tell you that or share the images.  Seeing my "art"...on the walls of a client's home thrills me beyond words, regardless of where and how they were acquired.  I simply hope these images inspire you to protect and enjoy your pictures and insure they endure for generations to come, as these wise families have done.  

Share your wall pics with me as well!  I would love to see them and share them as inspiration to others!  And let me know if I can help you with back-up storage or prints of any kind. 

Photography is my passion.  Preserving the product of that passion is my duty.  

Sherry :-)

Special thanks to the McDaniel Family and the Sweklo Family! 

Your walls make me very happy!!

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