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The Family Portrait...January 28, 2020

Surratt, B(BW)-8355

Very few things are as treasured as the family portrait. 

A family portrait not only captures a moment in time, but it encapsulates the dynamics of the generational relationships within the family at this one chosen instance.  Those dynamics will never be the same again.  The children will grow.  The singles will marry.  The elderly will pass.  Some will move far away.  Babies will be added.  Life goes on.  But forever in this image, the current state is frozen.  This incredible piece of very personal art enables us to revisit this moment anytime we please and linger there. 

But even though we know how important it is, we are overwhelmed by this task.  What will we wear?  Will the children behave?  How can we coordinate everyone's schedule?  We don't look our best right now (translation="I need to lose weight first").   Lots of things stand in our way, but I encourage you to make it happen.  Don't wait.

And when you're ready, here's a little advise for your session...


Surratt, B-8367

BE FLEXIBLE...sometimes children know best.

It is my opinion that perfection is the enemy of great family images.  Stiff poses and smiles are fine, but when you can catch a little one in action, especially if it involves laughter, you have struck gold. 

Caroline and Charlotte worked so hard at inspiring a smile from their young cousin.  He wasn't quite ready, but they were so tickled at their own efforts! 

I simply love these...

BE RELAXED...breathe and smile.

These are the people you love most in the world and these pictures are for you. 

Be natural.  Touch each other (in good taste of couse :-).  Get in close.  Connect.

This isn't for your resume, it's for your living room wall.   

Trust me.

BE OPEN MINDED...some of the best images surprise us. 

This shot was not posed or orchestrated in any way. 

Three cousins...three friends...exploring...perfection.

Surratt, B(BW)-8607

BE PATIENT...diligence usually pays off.

We did finally get a smile!

Tickle them.  Feed them.  Bribe them.  And wait on them.  Time, patience and creativity often make the magic happen.

Surratt, B(BW)-8534

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So I leave you with this...

If you know it's time for a family portrait, just do it.  And most importantly...PRINT THEM!!!  Hang them on your wall.  Sit them beside your bed.  Send them to your mother.  Put them on your refrigerator.  Make a gallery wall.  I promise you won't regret it.   

And as you walk by those images, stop and linger in the past for just a little while...and you'll understand my tag line a little better.

Sherry Sloan Photography

"...because pictures never grow up." ;-)

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