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Frequently asked questions:

I've booked a what?

Once you schedule your appointment, please make your 50% non-refundable deposit via paypal link or other arranged method ( ).  Your appointment is not secured until deposit is received.

All scheduled appointments are subject to some factors beyond human control...mainly the weather.  I am an outdoor photographer therefore when it is rainy, stormy, excessively hot or cold, windy or muddy, your session may need to be rescheduled.  This decision is made at my discretion to ensure you receive  the excellent quality portraits you expect.  If for some reason you need to reschedule (sickness, etc), your deposit covers the rescheduled appointment.  Your 50% deposit is only non-refundable for cancellations or "no-shows."

If possible, I love to see pictures of planned clothing or style examples of what you're looking for in your portraits.  It helps me better plan for your session if I know what you have in mind and what you are expecting in the finished images.

Balance is due on or before your scheduled session.  You may pay via cash, check or paypal.

I've had my what?

There is no guarantee on turn around time for final edits.   There are many variables effecting editing time. This makes it impossible to guarantee a finish date.  Weddings take the longest amount of time (approximately 4-5 months perhaps longer in busy seasons,  but sooner if possible). All standard sessions can generally be turned around in 8-10 weeks with some exceptions...again, sometimes longer but sooner if at all possible.

You will be sent a link to either a "PROOF" gallery or a FINISHED gallery.  If you are sent a "PROOF" album, you will register with an email and choose your favorites (amount specified based on session).  If you are simply sent a FINISHED gallery, I have chosen the best images for you (typically Newborn sessions, 3 month sessions and other sessions where options may be limited.  In that situation, your images are the best of what we shot...the most clear, best composed images with portrait worthy smiles and expressions.   

Under no circumstances do I release unedited images. 

I have my link, but how do I access my images?

Please refer to the following page for detailed information about accessing your images....

May I share my images on social media?

You may share your images on social media at your discretion.  I often like to share favorite images to attract new clients, but will do so only with consent.  I understand that some people are hesitant to share images of their children and I honor any request to refrain from social media exposure.  However, any image may be used on my website unless a specific request is made.  I will honor any request to protect images, but the images remain my intellectual property even when you receive print release, therefore they may be used for various purposes including but not limited to website, advertising and public display.  Please make sure to let me know if you have any objection as soon as possible.

May I put filters on my images or alter them?

You may not alter the images in any way.  If you desire any alterations to your images, please let me know. 

Can I print wherever I please?

Yes, you may print your images wherever you desire.  However, I urge you to entrust your images to a reputable high quality print company.  Local printers that simply package your prints after they drop from a machine will not ensure the quality of your images. 

Can you order prints for me?

Yes!  I offer prints of all sizes with your choice of papers, finishes, and mountings through a high quality print company.  Please inquire for pricing.

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