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How to access your portraits...

Now that you have had your portraits taken, you will need to know when you can expect to see the finished product and how to access them for digital use and printing.  I've prepared this tutorial to try to make this process a little easier.

Most Standard, Extended Standard, and Small Family Sessions can be fully edited in 4-6 weeks.  Large Family, Newborns and Weddings can take up 8-12 weeks depending on many factors.  After reviewing all the images (typically hundreds or even thousands for a wedding),  I choose the best photos, edit them, load them into a password protected online gallery then send you a link with the password.  (The link is not required to access your album as I will show you in just a moment...)

Once you know your edits are ready, go to where you will find the website menu (IMAGE 1). Click on "sloan client galleries" then find your folder on the following page (IMAGE 2).  Click on your folder to access the "unlock folder" page where you will insert the password given to you (IMAGE 3).




Once you access your folder, you will see any galleries you have with Sherry Sloan Photography (each session is its own gallery).  Click on the one in which you wish to access photos.  (If you have only had one session with me, there will only be one gallery option.)  Once inside the gallery you will see all the images displayed.  At the top right of the images, you will see two icons as shown below.  The first is an arrow to the right indicating a full screen slideshow (IMAGE 4).  The second is a down arrow with a line under it indicating "download" (IMAGE 5)  On mobile devices, you will only see the slideshow icon, but you can still access the download icon on individual images (IMAGE 7).  If you use the download icon above the full gallery (IMAGE 5), my website will prepare a zipped file with all images and email them to you.  If you choose to download individual images, it will do them one at a time.  These are very large files and should make beautiful prints when downloaded correctly.  However, do not attempt to print or share with screenshots.  They will be extremely poor quality.  Whether you print or share digitally, please take the time to download them correctly.



You can easily navigate thru your images using the arrows on either side of the photos (IMAGE 6).  At this point you can download any image individually if desired using the download icon at the bottom right of the screen (IMAGE 7). 

Once you have downloaded your images, you can share and/or print them at your discretion at the location of your choice.  I do offer print services and I am happy to provide you with pricing if desired.  Simply let me know which images you would like printed and what size you need.  Image numbers are found at the bottom left of the screen while accessing that particular image (IMAGE 8).  On a desktop computer, they can also be seen in the bottom left hand corner of each image when looking at the entire gallery on a single page.  You are under NO OBLIGATION to purchase prints from me.  However, I do highly recommend going through a quality print service for clarity and accurate color rendering.  If you do not see a print release in your gallery, just message me with a request.  I can also provide a disc if you desire one.  




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