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First, some definitions:

PREVIEWS:  Completely edited images appropriate for sharing or printing for the purpose of showing client what finished images will look like after editing process.

PROOFS:  UNEDITED images presented in a gallery for client to choose their favorite images.  Favorites will be edited and presented in a new gallery for final delivery.


I will be sending you 2 different links.  One is to a PREVIEW gallery.  All you need to do is LOVE them.  :-)  You can download, share or print.  I only ask that when you share my photos you tag Sherry Sloan Photography.

The second link is the PROOF gallery.  When you follow that link, you will be asked to "register" with an email.  After you register, you can "favorite" your choices.  With most standard sessions, you can choose 25-30 images for final edits.  Let me know when you have made final selections.

After final selections have been made, your session is in line for final edits.  All sessions are edited in order of date taken by session type.  For example, when I finish editing one wedding, I will start working on the next wedding.  When I finish editing one newborn session, I will work on the next newborn session.  The type of session I work on at any given time depends on the amount of time I have available for editing. Newborns and Weddings are time consuming, but standard sessions and minis are usually less so.  There are many variables that effect the time table of delivery, most of which are out of my control (computer issues, sickness, family sickness, etc.).  I make EVERY effort to deliver images as quickly as possible.  I want them to be delivered quickly more than anyone.  I love what I do, but much like most people I am stressed by overdue work and deadlines.  I will do my absolute BEST to produce excellent quality images and deliver them in a timely manner.

If you need your session edited by a certain time, please let me know.  Often, we might can compromise by having just a few edited quickly.  I am introducing an add-on "EXPRESS EDIT" ($150 for edits within 1 week of final choices, $100 for edits within 2 weeks of final choices) which can be purchased when necessary. 

I do ask that you respect copyright law and not add filters or change the images in any way.  Finished images are artwork produced by the photographer.  Every element is done intentionally...from contrast levels to color saturation.  If you would like any changes, please feel free to discuss with me and I will make every effort to help achieve the look you are wanting for your images (if they are possible).  If you know ahead of time that you are hoping for a certain look, please let me know.  

You do have print rights and can print anywhere you desire, but I do offer print services if you desire.  I order through a reputable professional print company that cares about color and quality.  Ordering through me is the only way I can guarantee quality prints.

Touch-ups (blemishes, fly-away hairs, eye brightening, teeth whitening) are not done STANDARD.  If the edit itself renders teeth looking more yellow than they actually do, or perhaps skin more red than normal, I try to fix that before final images are released.  If any touch-ups are desired, please inquire about (minimal) cost for these services.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email, fb message or text me @ 770-878-0954.  I am happy to help.

**And remember, let me know when final choices have been made so I can put them in line for final edits.**

Sherry :-)

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